GAVI Project

Food plus energy is Life Guarantee

The company that guarantees its energy supply, and its food guarantees its survival


We offer the possibility of investing and thereby participating in the safest and most profitable Industrial and Financial Technological Project with the most future that has ever been proposed, the GAVI Project.

It is about the development and commercialization of two products - the A + B food and the GIM generators- that allow to offer simultaneously a universal and complete food and electrical energy, both at costs much lower than any other types of competition, and with an unlimited financial horizon.


Video presentation of our company


Is a centre for R & D + I of high technology in all the different fields of science and economics, and whose developments cover a wide and diverse range of technological areas: bioengineering and genetics / power generation /telecommunications / land-sea-air transport / aerospace industry /food industry / hydrogen manufacturing / seawater desalination

Summary detail of the technological possibilities available to our technology

  1. Generation of electricity without limit without fuel. Whether it is with GIM electric generators with interaction of modules of first generation, from 500-1000 KW for vehicles to thousands of Mega-Watts for international networks. Or with the large second-generation TMM-DC generators with no power limit

  2. Food generation for the food industry

  3. Transport by land, sea or air, electric, without batteries or fuel with the aforementioned electric generators
  4. Generation of large quantities of hydrogen at minimal costs. Desalination of million cubic meters of seawater per minute. Water purification.

  5. BIO-ENGINEERING and GENETICS. With special incidence in -Genetics - Pharmacology - Biology

  6. Telecommunications and Computing QUANTUM ANTENNAS that do not require satellites or repeaters. Within this section we can include the transmission of electrical energy to hundreds of billions of kilometres without loss of power. This allows powering movement ships or bases on other planets from Earth.
  7. AEROSPACE INDUSTRY. Our technology, decades ahead of the current, allows the design of speed vehicles - 80,000 to 400.000 Km/h, for the solar system, or VERY HIGH SPEED of c1 or c2 or c3 for space

GAVI PROJECT and its Business Plan

The Gavi Project consists of the Promotion of Universal of minimal costs with an easy and quick obtaining, which organoleptically is competent and suitable for all types of living beings, including man.

Reporting presentation of A + B

And in the commercialization of a totally new and disruptive system of generation of electrical energy through generators of thousands of megawatts that do not require any fuel, totally ecological, and that operate uninterruptedly the 24-hour a day, 365 days a year

GIM presentation report

The factors that advise and justify the synthesis and joint presentation in the GAVI Project of food A + B and the latest technology GIM electric generators, are as explained in the following video report, on the one hand, that the process of obtaining A + B requires a small amount of electrical energy that we will obtain from GIM generators, and that simultaneously we will be able to commercialize electrical energy to electrical lines and towns, industries and other public or private centers, either in those regions where they are installed. A + B production centers, or other areas.

Report of the convenience of the synthesis in the same project of food A + B and the GIM generator


Business Plan  GAVI Project in PDF format  


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